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Prosumer joins us for the Leeds leg of our 6th Birthday celebrations on the 16th November at The Mint Club alongside Moodymann. We caught up with Achim for a wee chat about his production career, living in Scotland, Pub Quizzing and Come Dine With Me...

Since your move to Edinburgh you must have been subjected to the full gamut of Scottish clichés – bagpipes, fried mars bars, Susan Boyle. How has the city measured up to your expectations? It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it?

I am really happy with my new home. It is the perfect place to come back to after the busy weekends, and where I live, it almost feels like a village in the countryside. So I found a balance again that was getting harder to keep in Berlin. Every time I leave to house, I'm still smiling because of the sheer beauty of Edinburgh. Not playing the bagpipes yet, also didn't buy a kilt and didn't have to deal yet with Susan Boyle, luckily.

Including festival appearances, next month marks the fifth time you’ve played under the Louche light box, and sadly the final time in Mint Club. Has it been a fruitful relationship from your point of view? We all fondly remember that cosy first party at The Gramaphone in London...

Hated every second of it! Just kidding. Yes, I think we have some great fun over the last years, thank you so much for the good times! If I remember correctly, back then, Louche was only in Leeds, now you are in London and Berlin even. What's next? Mars?

And yet there’s a particular excitement building around your next date with Mint Club in a few weeks time, partly because it marks Louche’s 6th birthday, but also because you’re set to be joined by a certain special guest from Detroit. Everyone and their mum’s got a favourite Kenny Dixon Jr record. What’s yours?

I guess mine would be "The Dancer", I love the roughness of it. My mum prefers his mix of "I'm the baddest bitch".

I think it’s fair to say your recent remix of Murat Tepeli’s ‘Forever’ has been one of your most warmly received productions, both critically and commercially. Has the track’s success encouraged you to spend more time in the studio, with Murat or otherwise?

I just moved into a new house where I think I will stay for quite a while, so I finally set up my studio again. I think that is going to have the biggest influence on me working on more music again. Murat and I are joining forces again, and there will be solo stuff.

Josh, the Berlin-based member of the Louche outfit, often speaks highly of the monthly pub quiz you host with Kerstin in Südblock. How do your quizzing duties fit in with your djing commitments? And more importantly, what would be your chosen specialist subject?

The quiz is a really nice hobby. I guess everything that takes your mind off what you regularly do as a nice, relaxing effect on your life. So even if there is a lot of work going into every moths quiz, I love doing it. I really like it when I catch myself mid conversation making a mental note about quiz subjects. My specialist subject would probably be pop music in the 80s, I think I spend most of the 80s in front of the radio.

We understand that since your move to our shores Come Dine With Me has become an afternoon staple in the Prosumer household. So Achim, the Louche team is coming to dinner. Like most of the show’s contestants, we’re hungry, judgemental, and two bottles of wine deep. What three courses would you serve up for us, and what would be your after dinner entertainment?

Starter: Parsnip and chestnut soup. Main: Couscous with chicken and merguez. Dessert: Whisky and oats cheesecake. Lots of wine. Entertainment would be playing "Cards against humanity" which will either end up in serious fighting or people peeing themselves laughing.

Words by Toby Wareham, Six Axle

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